Ubiquiti Return Policy - 30 Day Returns for Tech Enthusiasts

Discover Ubiquiti return policy for tech-savvy buyers. Learn about 30-day returns, exclusions, and warranty options in this comprehensive guide.

Ubiquiti Return Policy - 30 Day Returns for Tech Enthusiasts

Ubiquiti is a major tech company that makes networking and communication gear. They sell a bunch of products that appeal to tech-savvy people. But when you buy something online, you should understand the return policy. In this guide, we'll go over Ubiquiti return policy in detail. This way, whether you're a longtime customer or thinking about buying from them for the first time, you'll know what to expect.

What Is Ubiquiti?

Ubiquiti provides networking and wireless communication devices. Their product range includes routers, access points, switches, and other networking equipment. Ubiquiti products are known for their reliability, performance, and advanced features. Ubiquiti products can be purchased from various authorized retailers and online stores. It is recommended to purchase directly from official Ubiquiti distributors or authorized resellers to ensure genuine products and reliable customer support. 

Ubiquiti's Unifi system is one of their most popular product lines. Unifi provides a comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring network infrastructure. It includes a centralized management platform, access points, switches, and security gateways. The Unifi system is widely used in both residential and commercial settings.

What Is The Ubiquiti Return Policy?

Ubiquiti, founded in 2005 by Robert J. Pera, has emerged as a trailblazing force in the realm of wireless communication technology.Ubiquiti has a pretty sweet return policy that lets you return anything you buy from them within 30 days for a full refund. If you are not satisfied with your Ubiquiti product for any reason, you can initiate a return and request a refund. 

To return something to Ubiquiti, you'll need to get an RMA number first.To initiate a return, you can contact Ubiquiti for assistance. Ubiquiti will help you through the process and give you the steps to get an RMA number. They can charge a restocking fee for returns, but the amount depends on the product and the condition of the item. It's a good idea to read the return policy carefully to know how much the restocking fee might be.

Eligibility Criteria For Products To Return At Ubiquiti

To initiate a return under Ubiquiti return policy, certain criteria must be met:

  • Return Timing: You can return this product within 30 days of purchase.
  • Condition: Return the product in new, unused condition, so that it's in the same condition you received it.
  • Packaging and Accessories: Return the product in its original box, with all the included parts and papers.
  • Exclusions: Custom-built products, refurbished products, and software products are not eligible for return.
  • Restocking Fee: Should you open the package of a Ubiquiti product, please note that it will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

How To Request A Return?

Follow these steps to initiate a return to Ubiquiti:

Contact Customer Support: Get in touch with Ubiquiti's customer support and request a return authorization (RMA) number.

Timely Shipping: Once you have the RMA number, you must return the product to Ubiquiti within 10 business days.

Shipping Costs:  You'll need to cover the shipping costs when you return the product.

It's important to note that Ubiquiti retains the right to refuse a refund if the returned product fails to meet the requirements outlined in their return policy.

Ineligible Returns

Here are some real-world examples of products that would not qualify for a return under Ubiquiti return policy:

  • A Ubiquiti UniFi Network Access Point that has been installed and used.
  • A Ubiquiti UniFi Protect Camera that has been installed and used.
  • A Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 that has been configured and used.
  • A Ubiquiti UniFi Talk Phone that has been registered and used.
  • A Ubiquiti UniFi Service Provider product that has been purchased by a non-Ubiquiti Service Provider Partner.
  • A Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) certification that has been completed.

Returns for Warranty & Non-Warranty Items At Ubiquiti

Returns For Warranty Items

If your Ubiquiti product is still under warranty and you think it's broken, you might be able to get it fixed or replaced. To start a warranty return, contact Ubiquiti customer support and they'll help you get a return authorization (RMA) number. Once you have an RMA number, you have to ship the product back to Ubiquiti within 10 business days. Ubiquiti will pay for shipping both ways.

Once Ubiquiti gets your product and processes your return, they'll fix or replace it and ship it back to you. If the product can't be fixed, Ubiquiti will give you a refund.

Returns For Non-Warranty Items

If your Ubiquiti product is not under warranty or is not defective, you can still return it for a refund, but you'll have to pay a 15% restocking fee. To get the ball rolling, contact Ubiquiti customer support and they'll help you get an RMA number. Once you have that, you have 10 business days to ship the product back to Ubiquiti. You're responsible for the shipping costs.


Ubiquiti, a leading technology company in networking and wireless communication, offers a diverse range of products appreciated by tech enthusiasts. When making online purchases, understanding Ubiquiti return policy is vital. This guide has provided a detailed overview, emphasizing the 30-day return window for new, unused products in their original packaging. 

Exclusions and restocking fees may apply. The process of requesting a return and the distinction between warranty and non-warranty returns were also covered. Ubiquiti is clearly dedicated to making its customers happy and keeping them in the loop. Be prepared and informed to ensure a seamless experience with Ubiquiti products, regardless of your familiarity with the brand.


How Long Do I Have To Return A Product To Ubiquiti?

Ubiquiti has a 30-day return policy. If you're not happy with your Ubiquiti purchase, you can return it for a refund or replacement within 30 days. Just contact Ubiquiti customer service and tell them why you're returning it. They'll guide you on how to send it back.

Are There Any Exceptions To The Return Policy?

Ubiquiti return policy is very customer friendly, but there are some exceptions. For example, software licenses cannot be returned after they have been activated, while physical hardware products can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

What Should I Do If I Receive A Defective Product From Ubiquiti?

If you receive a defective product from Ubiquiti, contact their customer support and provide specific details about the issue. They will assist you in troubleshooting, returning the product, or taking advantage of warranty coverage. Effective communication and cooperation are essential.

Are All Ubiquiti Products Eligible For Return?

No, not all products are eligible for return. Custom-built items, refurbished products, and software products typically fall outside the return policy.


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