Altard State Return Policy - Enjoy Stress-Free Shopping

Know all about Altard State return policy for hassle-free returns and exchanges. Learn how to make your shopping experience more convenient.

Altard State Return Policy - Enjoy Stress-Free Shopping

Altar'd State is a well-known fashion brand that's more than just a store having a huge collection of women clothing and accessories. In today's world of online and in-store shopping, it's important to understand Altard State return policy so you can shop with without any tension. This detailed guide will help you to explore Altard State return policy so you can make the most of your shopping experience.

About Altard State 

Altar'd State, founded in 2009 in Knoxville, Tennessee, has quickly become a big name in the fashion industry. They've made a lasting impact with their unique blend of style and philanthropy. The company started with a vision to provide fashion-conscious people with a place to shop for trendy clothes, accessories, and home goods while also supporting good causes. 

Over the years, Altar'd State has expanded across the United States, winning over shoppers with their commitment to ethical fashion and social responsibility. This fusion of fashion and philanthropy has not only made them a beloved retail brand, but it's also earned them a reputation for making a positive difference in the world with every purchase.

What is Altard State Return Policy?

Altar'd State has a great return policy. You can return or exchange any item for any reason, no questions asked. You can return it in-store or mail it back for a refund (minus a $8.95 shipping fee). Just make sure the item is unworn, undamaged, and has all the original tags attached. If you're exchanging, you can get the same item in a different size or color. But there are a few exceptions: final sale items, damaged items, and items without tags can't be returned. 

Returning Online Purchases

Returning items purchased online from Altar'd State is very easy. To get started, log in to your account or use the "Guest Order Lookup" feature to find your order. From there, the website will walk you through the process. You'llj need to provide some details about the item you're returning, like the reason for the return. 

Once you've submitted your return request, you'll get instructions on how to package and ship the item. Be sure to pack it securely in its original condition with all tags attached. If you're using the provided return shipping label, make sure to stick it on the package clearly. You'll be responsible for any shipping costs unless the return is due to an error on Altar'd State's part. This process is designed to make returning online purchases easy and hassle-free for customers.

Returning In-Store Purchases

Returning items at Altar'd State is very convenient . Just bring your item, in its original condition with all tags attached, to any Altar'd State store. You can provide your original receipt, an invoice, or a packing slip as proof of purchase. Talk to a store associate or the customer service desk and they'll check out your item and your proof of purchase.

 If everything checks out, they'll process your return. If you have a special situation, like a holiday return or a damaged item, be sure to tell the store associate so they can help you out. Altar'd State wants you to have a hassle-free return experience, so they make it easy to return items that meet their return criteria.

Items Not Eligible for Return at Altar'd State

Final Sale Items

Final sale items are usually not returnable because they are sold at a big discount and are "as is." Altar'd State often marks these items with prices ending in .99 or .88 to show they are final sale. Clearance items, seasonal sales, and items with price tags ending in .99 or .88 are often final sale items. Customers should know that when they buy these items, they usually can't return or exchange them

Worn, Damaged, or Altered Items

If you've worn, damaged, or altered an item, it's generally not eligible for a return because it's no longer in its original, new condition. If you buy something from Altar'd State, use it, and then return it in a visibly used or damaged condition, they might not let you return it. Similarly, if you alter an item, like hem pants or remove tags, it might not be eligible for a return either.

Items Without Original Tags

Most return policies say you have to return items with all their original tags attached. This is because the tags often have important information on them, like the price and care instructions. They also show that the item is new and hasn't been used. If you remove the tags from a clothing item, Altar'd State might not let you return it, because it'll be hard to tell if it's still in new condition.

Altard State Exchange Options

Altar'd State usually lets you exchange items for a different size or color, so you can switch things up if you change your mind or the item doesn't fit. You can do this in person at any Altar'd State store, but you'll need to bring the original item and any necessary paperwork. Availability may vary depending on how much stock the store has and where it is. For more info on the exchange process, including any fees or restrictions, check out Altar'd State's website or call customer service.

Altard State Special Considerations 

Altard State return policy is pretty customer-friendly. They take special cases into account, like the holiday season when they extend the return window for gift purchases. If you're planning to return a holiday gift, check their website or call customer service for the details. If you get a damaged item, reach out to customer service right away.

 They'll walk you through the process, which might involve providing details about the damage and starting a return. The Altar'd State is committed to resolving these issues. And finally, customer service is always available to help with unique return scenarios, questions, and anything else. So whether you have a holiday return, a damaged item, or something else, don't hesitate to contact them. They're here to help!


Altard State return policy provides a lot of facilities to their customers. You can return or exchange anything you buy, no matter how long you've had it. You can return it in-store or by mail, and they'll even give you a refund or exchange for a different size or color. You just need to have your original receipt and the item must be in good condition. So if you're not happy with anything you buy from Altar'd State, don't worry, you can always return it!


Can I return a personalized item if it doesn't meet my expectations?

Altard State return policy typically does not cover personalized items unless they are damaged or faulty. It's advisable to check with customer service for specific guidance on personalized item returns.

What should I do if I lost my original receipt, but I want to return an item?

While it's best to have the original receipt, Altar'd State may accept other proof of purchase, like an invoice or packing slip, for returns. But it's best to contact customer service or visit a store for help in those cases.

Can I return an item purchased online to an Altar'd State physical store?

Yes, Altar'd State will usually let you return online purchases at their physical stores. It's a convenient way to return stuff in person. Just be sure to bring the required documentation, and it's a good idea to check with your local store for any specific requirements or restrictions.


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