Cider Return Policy - Everything You Need to Know

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Cider Return Policy - Everything You Need to Know

In the era of modern shopping, comprehending return and exchange policies is crucial for a seamless consumer experience. The reassurance of having the option to return or exchange items can significantly enhance the overall shopping journey. Among the brands that have crafted a distinctive approach to these policies, Cider Clothing stands out for its commitment to customer satisfaction and its innovative strategies. In this post, we will know the significance of understanding Cider return policy and exchange policy and take a closer look at the unique framework that Cider Clothing has established. By gaining insights into their approach, shoppers can make informed decisions and navigate the shopping landscape with confidence.

Cider Return Policy Explained

Time Frame & Eligibility

Cider Clothing extends a specific timeframe for customers to initiate returns, allowing a maximum of 14 days from the date of receiving their purchased items. This designated window offers shoppers the opportunity to carefully assess their purchases and make informed decisions regarding returns. It's important to note that the return request is applicable only to the same order in which the items were initially purchased. This ensures a streamlined process that aligns with the original transaction.

Condition of Items

Cider's commitment to maintaining product quality and customer satisfaction is evident in their stringent requirements for returned items. To qualify for a refund, all items must be in their original condition, complete with the original packaging and tags attached. This stipulation guarantees that the products are returned in the same state as when they were received. Additionally, the return policy explicitly states that any items that show signs of being worn, washed, or altered are ineligible for a refund. By upholding these conditions, Cider ensures that customers receive products that are in pristine condition.

Exclusions & Final Sale Items

While Cider embraces a customer-centric approach to returns, there are specific exclusions outlined in their policy. Items such as swimwear, underwear, and accessories are not eligible for return. This consideration takes into account hygiene and personal use factors. Furthermore, any products marked as "FINAL SALE" fall under a category that is not open to returns or refunds. This approach encourages customers to make thoughtful purchasing decisions, especially for items that are explicitly marked as final sale. By establishing these exclusions, Cider ensures clarity and transparency in its return policy, allowing customers to make informed choices.

Cider Exchange Policy

Cider's exchange policy reflects their dedication to customer convenience, even though they don't offer a traditional exchange program. While exchanges may not be directly facilitated, Cider provides a straightforward process for customers who wish to replace undesired items with new ones.

Lack of Exchange Program

Cider does not have a formal exchange program in place. This means that customers cannot directly swap their purchased items for different sizes or alternatives. However, Cider has developed an alternative approach to accommodate customers who seek a replacement for their original purchases.

Process of Returning Undesired Items and Placing New Orders

In cases where customers desire a different item or size, Cider advises them to initiate a return for the unwanted product following the guidelines of their return policy. This involves ensuring that the items are within the specified return timeframe, in their original condition, and accompanied by the necessary tags and packaging. Once the return is processed and accepted, customers can then proceed to place a new order for the desired item or size.

While not a traditional exchange, this method allows customers to effectively achieve the goal of acquiring a different product from Cider's collection. By combining the return and new order placement processes, Cider ensures that customers can still obtain the items they want while adhering to their return policy guidelines. This approach aligns with Cider's commitment to customer satisfaction and the practicality of their return and exchange processes.

Refund Timelines & Process 

Cider's refund process and associated timelines are crucial aspects of their return policy, ensuring transparency and clarity for customers seeking reimbursements for their returned items.

Refund Process

Initiation upon Warehouse Receipt: Cider's refund process commences upon the successful receipt of the returned items at their warehouse. This ensures that the physical verification of the returned items takes place before proceeding with the refund.

Importance of Package Tracking Updates: Customers are advised to closely monitor and update the tracking information of their return package through the Cider app. Accurate tracking updates are essential for Cider's efficient identification and processing of return packages.

Refund Timelines

Duration Influenced by Location and Warehouse Proximity: The timeline for receiving refunds is influenced by the geographical location of the customer and the proximity of their location to Cider's warehouse. Generally, it can take between 5 to 25 days for the return package to reach Cider's warehouse, depending on these factors.

Waiting Period After Return for Processing: After the return package has been received and confirmed, customers are advised to allow an additional waiting period of around seven days for the refund processing to be completed. This time frame accounts for the processing steps that Cider undertakes to verify the condition of the returned items and initiate the refund.

These outlined refund processes and timelines underscore Cider's commitment to ensuring a thorough and transparent refund experience for their customers. By acknowledging the variables that can affect the duration of the process, Cider ensures that customers are informed and patient during the refund procedure. This approach reflects their customer-centric approach to handling returns and refunds.

Refund for Different Payment Methods

Cider's commitment to customer satisfaction extends to their efficient refund process for various payment methods. Understanding the different timelines for refunding based on payment methods helps customers anticipate when their funds will be returned.

Credit or Debit Card Refunds

Timing: For customers who made their purchases using credit or debit cards, Cider initiates the refund process promptly.

Refund Duration: Refunds for credit or debit card payments are typically processed within five days of Cider's receipt of the returned items or the cancellation request.

Customer Interaction with Online Payment Providers

Customers who are awaiting refunds via online payment providers are encouraged to communicate directly with their respective providers for information about the timing of refund credit to their accounts. This direct interaction ensures that customers remain informed about the status of their refunds.

Cider's Commitment to Refund Efficiency

By specifying the refund timelines for different payment methods, Cider highlights their dedication to prompt and reliable refund processing. Whether customers paid via credit or debit cards or opted for online payment providers, Cider's approach ensures a seamless and timely refund experience, contributing to overall customer satisfaction.

Shipping the Refunded Item

Cider's commitment to a smooth return process extends to the shipping of refunded items. Understanding the steps involved in shipping the returned products back to Cider's warehouse helps ensure that the return process is completed successfully and efficiently.

Shipping Label Issuance or Carrier Selection

Option 1: Shipping Label Provided: Upon request for a return, Cider provides customers with a shipping label. Customers can conveniently print out this label and affix it to the return package.

Option 2: Alternative Carrier Selection: In cases where a shipping label is not provided by Cider, customers have the flexibility to choose their preferred carrier. This option allows customers to select a carrier that suits their convenience and shipping preferences.

Tracking Information Updates

Importance of Tracking: To facilitate the identification of return packages, customers are encouraged to update the tracking information on Cider's app. This step ensures that Cider's team can efficiently track the movement of returned items.

Ensuring Successful Identification: Accurate and up-to-date tracking information helps streamline the return process, making it easier for Cider to identify and process the returned package.

Retention of Return Receipt

Refund Completion: After shipping the returned item, customers are advised to keep the return receipt provided by the courier. This receipt serves as documentation that the package has been shipped and is in transit.

Refund Verification: The return receipt is crucial for verifying that the returned item has been shipped back to Cider. It is retained until the refund process is completed.

Efficiency & Reliability

By detailing the steps involved in shipping the refunded item, Cider emphasizes its commitment to ensuring that returned products reach their warehouse securely and without any complications. This attention to detail contributes to an efficient and reliable return process, allowing customers to complete their returns with confidence and ease.

Cider's Approach to Exchanges

While Cider Clothing is dedicated to providing a customer-friendly return process, it's important to note that the brand currently does not offer an exchange program. Understanding Cider's stance on exchanges helps customers navigate their options effectively when seeking to make changes to their purchases.

No Exchange Program

Clear Communication: Cider Clothing transparently communicates that they do not provide an exchange program for products. This clarity ensures that customers are aware of the options available to them when they wish to change an item.

Returning and Reordering Process

Returning Undesired Items: If customers wish to exchange an item for a different size, color, or style, the procedure involves returning the undesired item to Cider.

Placing a New Order: To obtain the desired replacement product, customers are advised to place a new order through Cider's website or app.

Refund and New Purchase: Once the returned item is received and processed by Cider, customers will receive a refund for the returned item's purchase price.

Separate Transactions: The process of returning and ordering anew involves two separate transactions – the return and subsequent purchase.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Cider's decision to focus on the return process while not offering an exchange program is aimed at maintaining the simplicity and clarity of their policies. While an exchange option is not available, Cider ensures that the return process is user-friendly and hassle-free, providing customers with the opportunity to make informed choices about their desired items.

Items Excluded from Cider Return Policy

Cider Clothing's return policy is comprehensive, but it's essential to be aware of the items that are not eligible for returns. Understanding these exclusions allows customers to make informed decisions when purchasing and considering potential returns.


Non-Returnable Category: Products marked as "FINAL SALE" fall into a category that is not eligible for return or refund.

Clarification of Status: If a product is designated as "FINAL SALE," customers should understand that it cannot be returned or refunded, regardless of the reason.

Hygiene Concerns

Panties: For reasons of hygiene, panties are not eligible for return or refund. This policy ensures that customers receive these items in brand-new, unworn condition.

Swimwear: Similarly, swimwear is included in the list of items that cannot be returned or refunded due to hygiene considerations.

Accessories (Except Scarves): To maintain hygiene standards, various accessories, excluding scarves, are also excluded from the return policy. This includes items like underwear accessories.

Prioritizing Hygiene & Clarity

Cider's exclusion of "FINAL SALE" items and products promoting hygiene concerns demonstrates their commitment to maintaining product integrity and customer satisfaction. By clearly outlining these exclusions, Cider provides transparency in their policies, helping customers make well-informed choices while shopping.

Receiving Refunds & Addressing Inquiries

Understanding the refund reception process and knowing how to address any inquiries or discrepancies is crucial to ensure a smooth experience for customers seeking refunds from Cider Clothing. 

Refund Reception Duration

Varied Duration: The duration it takes to receive your refund after initiating a return can vary based on factors such as your location and the proximity of the warehouse.

Estimated Timeframe: On average, it may take between 5 to 25 days from the time your returned item reaches Cider's warehouse for the refund process to be completed.

Waiting Period: After the returned item is received and processed by Cider, there might be a brief waiting period before the refund is credited.

Contacting Cider for Inquiries

Communication Channel: If you encounter any discrepancies or delays in receiving your refund, it's recommended to reach out to Cider's customer support team.

Prompt Communication: For prompt resolution, you can contact Cider's customer service via email at

Bank Inquiries: If you're unsure about the timing of the refund being credited to your bank account, you can also check with your bank or review your bank statement for updates.

Ensuring Smooth Refund Process

By understanding the potential timeline for refund reception and knowing how to communicate with Cider's customer support team, customers can ensure a smooth and satisfactory resolution to any refund-related queries or concerns.


Understanding cider return policy is crucial for a seamless online shopping experience, and Cider Clothing's unique approach exemplifies their dedication to customer satisfaction. This knowledge empowers both new and returning customers to navigate the process confidently, fostering trust and loyalty in the vendor-customer relationship. 

By comprehending timeframes, conditions, and exclusions, shoppers can make informed choices, ensuring a smoother shopping journey and optimizing their purchases to align with their preferences and needs. Cider's transparent and customer-centric return policy enhances the overall online shopping experience, providing consumers with peace of mind and the freedom to make the most of their shopping endeavors.


Can I return an item beyond the 14-day return window?

Cider return policy strictly adheres to a 14-day return timeframe. Initiate your return request promptly to qualify for a refund.

Are there any exceptions to the return policy?

While Cider return policy generally applies to all items, certain conditions may apply to specific products. Refer to the return policy for detailed eligibility criteria.

What happens if the hygiene stickers on my swimwear are incomplete?

To be eligible for a refund, hygiene stickers on swimwear must be fully intact. Incomplete stickers will not be accepted due to hygiene considerations.

Will I receive a refund for the original shipping cost?

In most cases, original shipping costs are non-refundable. Exceptions may apply in certain circumstances; consult the refund policy for more information.

Can I return multiple items from different orders at once?

Initiate returns for multiple items from the same order to avoid additional return shipping fees, if applicable. This approach streamlines the return process and minimizes costs.

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