Burrow Return policy - Your Comprehensive Guide!

Easily return furniture with hassle-free Burrow return policy. Simplified process for stress-free shopping experience.

Burrow Return policy - Your Comprehensive Guide!

In the market of furniture retail, Burrow stands out as a prominent name, celebrated for its steadfast dedication to offering an exceptional shopping journey. With a focus on redefining how customers engage with furniture, Burrow has garnered a reputation as a leading player in the industry. Beyond their meticulously designed products, the company places paramount importance on a customer-centric ethos that extends well beyond the point of purchase. This commitment is exemplified by their transparent return policy, a cornerstone of their approach that not only assures high-quality purchases but also underscores their dedication to fostering trust and contentment among their valued clientele. So, let's explore more about Burrow return policy in detail. 

Burrow Couch Return Policy Basics & Timeframes

Burrow's return policy stands as a testament to their dedication to providing an optimal customer experience across their entire product range. Encompassing both furniture and mattresses, this policy ensures that customers feel confident and informed throughout their shopping journey.

For the majority of Burrow products, a 30-day return window is in place, granting buyers ample time to assess the suitability of their purchases. This timeframe underscores Burrow's commitment to customer satisfaction, enabling individuals to thoroughly evaluate their chosen items within a reasonable period.

Burrow extends this customer-oriented approach even further with an extended 100-day return policy specifically designed for their Lyric Mattresses. Recognizing the importance of finding the perfect mattress for a restful sleep, this extended window showcases Burrow's confidence in the quality and comfort of their mattresses.

By implementing these varying return timeframes, Burrow ensures that customers are empowered to make informed decisions and choose products that align seamlessly with their preferences and needs.

Return Shipping Fees: Sustainability & Charges

Burrow's imposition of return shipping fees aligns with their dual focus on sustainability and responsible consumer practices. By incorporating these fees, Burrow underscores their commitment to reducing environmental impact while facilitating hassle-free returns for customers. The fee structure itself is a reflection of this approach, where retaining the original packaging translates to a 10% fee of the product's cost. This design not only promotes packaging reusability but also streamlines processing, minimizing unnecessary waste. In scenarios where the original packaging is absent, the fee adjusts to 20% of the product's value, accounting for the efforts required for proper handling and repackaging. Moreover, Burrow's decision to cap return shipping fees at $250 per item ensures cost predictability, fostering transparency and confidence in the return process.

A testament to their commitment to fairness, Burrow extends a fee exemption for mattress returns, given the mattress is in good condition. This eco-conscious approach encourages customers to partake in sustainable practices, and while most returns come with a fee, Burrow takes care to waive it in the case of mattresses that meet the quality standards. However, in the event of a soiled or unsalable mattress, a nominal $100 pick-up fee is applied. This multi-faceted approach demonstrates Burrow's holistic approach to return fees, effectively combining convenience, sustainability, and transparency to create a balanced experience for both consumers and the environment.

Defective or Damaged Orders Return Policy

Burrow's commitment to customer satisfaction extends to exceptional cases involving defective or damaged items. In such instances, customers can find assurance in Burrow's comprehensive warranty coverage, which safeguards their investment against unforeseen issues. 

Defective or damaged orders, falling under the protective umbrella of Burrow's warranty, are exempt from the standard return shipping fees that may apply to regular returns. This distinctive treatment not only reaffirms Burrow's dedication to delivering high-quality products but also ensures that customers facing such challenges encounter no additional financial burden when seeking resolution. By prioritizing a seamless and cost-free return process for these cases, Burrow stands by its commitment to both product excellence and customer convenience.

What is the process to initiate a return to Burrow?

When it comes to initiating a return with Burrow, the process is designed to be straightforward and customer-centric. It all starts with the utilization of Burrow's dedicated Return Form, easily accessible on their official website. This form serves as the entry point, allowing customers to provide essential information about their purchase and reason for return.

Once the Return Form is submitted, customers can expect a prompt response from Burrow's specialized Customer Experience team. Within the span of 24 to 48 hours, the team will reach out to customers directly, guiding them through the subsequent steps. This personalized interaction underscores Burrow's commitment to ensuring a seamless return experience and offers customers the support they need in navigating the process.

Furthermore, it's important to note that Burrow retains the right to choose the most appropriate return method based on individual situations. This flexibility allows Burrow to tailor the return process to specific needs, whether it's through the provision of a return shipping label or the arrangement of a return pickup. By maintaining this adaptability, Burrow reinforces its dedication to meeting customers where they are and ensuring a hassle-free journey through the return process.

Return Eligibility Criteria: Burrow Furniture & Couch Guidelines

Burrow's commitment to a seamless return experience is accompanied by clear eligibility criteria that determine the suitability of products for return. In order to be considered eligible, items must meet specific standards set forth by Burrow.

A pivotal criterion for return eligibility is the condition of the product. Burrow emphasizes that products must be in usable condition to qualify for a return. Usable condition refers to the product being free from stains, tears, burns, pet damage, odors, or other forms of soiling that would impede its resale value. This stipulation underscores Burrow's dedication to providing quality to both new and returning customers.

It's essential to recognize that the decision to accept or reject a return ultimately rests with Burrow's discretion. While they strive to uphold a customer-friendly approach, they retain the right to assess the state of products before approving returns. In some cases, Burrow may request detailed descriptions and images of the products to accurately evaluate their condition. This serves not only to maintain the quality of their offerings but also to ensure fairness in assessing returns. This discretion and attention to detail play a crucial role in Burrow's commitment to offering a return process that is both equitable and aligned with their quality standards.

Accessory Returns: Burrow's Approach to Decorative Items

When it comes to accessory returns, Burrow employs a nuanced approach, taking into account the purchase method and product condition to ensure a seamless experience for customers, whether they've made their purchases online or in-store.

For online purchases of accessories like pillows, throws, and decorative items, the return process is initiated within 30 days of delivery, as confirmed by carrier shipping notifications, rather than from the date of unboxing. By specifying this distinction, Burrow ensures that customers have a clear understanding of the return timeframe.

Returned accessories are subject to specific conditions, particularly focused on their state of being. These items must be returned in new condition, devoid of stains, tears, damage, or any apparent signs of use, including odors. Burrow's meticulous attention to these details underscores their commitment to maintaining high product quality and offering only the best to their customers.

As part of their customer-centric approach, Burrow plays an active role in assessing the state of returned accessories. They carefully evaluate the condition of these items to determine their eligibility for return. By assuming this responsibility, Burrow ensures that their customers receive only items of pristine quality, thus maintaining the integrity of their offerings and upholding their reputation for excellence.

Mattress Returns & Unique Considerations

Burrow extends its commitment to customer satisfaction by introducing a distinctive feature for their Lyric Mattresses: the 100-day sleep trial. This trial period underscores Burrow's confidence in the comfort and quality of their mattresses, offering customers a generous window to ensure their new mattress aligns perfectly with their sleep preferences.

The 100-day sleep trial commences from the moment the Lyric Mattress is confirmed as delivered by the shipping carrier. This ensures that customers have ample time to fully experience the mattress in their own sleep environment, ensuring its compatibility with their needs and comfort expectations.

To initiate a mattress return within this trial period, customers can utilize Burrow's dedicated Return Form. This streamlined process facilitates efficient communication and guides customers through the steps required for a seamless return experience. By offering a structured mechanism, Burrow ensures that the return process remains straightforward and user-friendly.

In line with their environmentally conscious values, Burrow takes a proactive approach to mattress disposal. For customers in California who purchase a new Lyric Mattress, Burrow has partnered with Sharetown. This partnership enables Burrow to responsibly handle the existing mattress, further exemplifying their commitment to reducing furniture waste and making sustainable choices. This collaborative effort not only benefits customers but also contributes positively to the environment by promoting recycling and responsible disposal practices.

Burrow Exchanges Policy

Burrow's dedication to customer satisfaction extends to its flexible exchange policy, offering customers the opportunity to make furniture choices that perfectly align with their preferences. Within the 30-day return window, Burrow allows customers to initiate one free exchange, granting them the freedom to explore different options without additional charges.

The process of initiating an exchange is designed to be straightforward. Customers who wish to exchange their purchase need to follow a similar path as they would for a return. Burrow's Return Form remains the starting point, where customers provide essential information about their order and the desired exchange item. However, it's important to note that the original packaging plays a crucial role in the exchange process. The item being exchanged must be in its original packaging to be eligible, underscoring Burrow's commitment to maintaining product integrity and ensuring a seamless experience for the next customer.

While Burrow's exchange policy promotes flexibility, it's important to clarify that this policy is specifically applicable to furniture items. Accessories and lighting items, due to their unique nature, are not eligible for exchanges under this policy. Burrow's focus on ensuring quality and satisfaction remains consistent, even as it adapts its policies to suit the diverse range of products it offers.

Burrow Warranty Details 

Burrow stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of its furniture with a robust one-year warranty that provides customers with assurance against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is a testament to Burrow's commitment to delivering products that meet the highest standards of excellence and durability.

To avail of the warranty, customers are required to retain proof of purchase, specifically the original purchase confirmation email containing the order number and the email address used for placing the order. This requirement ensures that warranty claims are processed efficiently and accurately.

Recognizing the diverse needs of its customers, Burrow offers an extended warranty option in collaboration with Mulberry. This extended warranty, available for either three or five years, provides customers with additional coverage beyond the standard one-year warranty. The cost of this extended warranty is dependent on both the chosen warranty term and the total amount spent on furniture. This partnership with Mulberry enhances customers' ability to tailor their warranty coverage to their individual preferences and requirements, ensuring peace of mind for years to come.


Burrow return policy encapsulates a customer-oriented approach that prioritizes transparency, convenience, and quality. With a 30-day return policy for most products and an extended 100-day trial for Lyric Mattresses, Burrow empowers customers with ample time to make informed decisions. Return shipping fees, thoughtfully structured to encourage sustainability, balance convenience with environmental responsibility. Defective or damaged orders are covered by Burrow's warranty, exemplifying their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Burrow's dedication to seamless experiences resonates throughout its policy. From initiating returns using the Return Form to the personalized guidance of the Customer Experience team, customers are supported at every step. Burrow's partnerships for mattress disposal underscore their commitment to responsible practices.


Can I return an accessory or lighting item?

Accessories and lighting items are not eligible for exchanges under Burrow return policy. However, they do have a separate return process. Returns of pillows, throws, or decorative accessories must be initiated within 30 days of delivery confirmation. For the specific return conditions and steps, please refer to Burrow's official website.

How do I initiate an exchange?

To initiate an exchange, you can follow a similar process as a return. Start by completing Burrow's Return Form and specifying your intent to exchange the product. Remember that the original packaging is essential for an eligible exchange. This process provides you with the opportunity to explore different options while ensuring the quality and condition of the item you return.

How does the 100-day sleep trial work for Lyric Mattresses?

Burrow's 100-day sleep trial for Lyric Mattresses allows you to experience the mattress in your own sleep environment for a substantial period. The trial starts from the moment your mattress is confirmed as delivered by the shipping carrier. If you decide to initiate a return during this trial period, you can do so by completing the Return Form on Burrow's official website.

What if my returned item doesn't meet the return eligibility criteria?

If your returned item does not meet Burrow's return eligibility criteria, the item may not be accepted for return and may not be eligible for a refund. It's crucial to carefully review the return eligibility criteria outlined in Burrow's official return policy to ensure that your returned item meets the necessary conditions for a successful return and refund process.

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